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Need a steady flow of quality sales leads, or just want to reduce cost of customer acquisitions? Your SEO, SEM, SOCIAL, AFFILIATE, or EMAIL MARKETING needs a set up or a quick fix? THAT'S WHAT WE DO.

MDG Computers

From product branding, promotional advertising to website development and maintenance, MDG Computers have used us as their one stop shop for their online entity.

Ontario Energy Group

Modern and green website design to promote OEG's services.

SCA Oplenac

The best Serbian folklore ensemble in North America is also non-profit organization.

VisionQuest Living Electronics

Designed for consumers to explore the numerous products and releases from VisionQuest.

Core - Architectural Metal

Core specializes in architectural metal design and structural metal work, they needed a company site to showcase their various works.

MDG iStore - E-commerce

We developed an online retailer for MDG Computers. A direct to retailer shopping cart built from the ground up.

Excel Landscaping

Looking to expand their exposure, Excel Landscaping needed to market their services online through advertising and website.

Ontario Energy Group Promotional Brochure

MDG Computers Brochures

MDG Computers Corporate - Product Brochures

MDG Computers Product Branding Posters

Cedar Springs Glass Bottled Water


We'll get your message across loud and clear. Understanding the audience is a key to successful communication - no matter how great the design is, if it doesn't spark attention and gain interest from audience, it's pointless. Using clear and relevant design, razor-sharp copy, we ensure that, however complex, the messages are communicated beyond doubt. We deliver carefully crafted campaigns that cover the whole marketing mix and rolls out over a carefully scheduled period of time.

We advise our clients in developing the most appropriate strategy, using suitable channels of the message delivery and creating critical paths with milestones to ensure that each stage is delivered on time. We're not just talking about a full page ad in the local newspaper or a flyer - this also includes big attention grabbing stuff on billboards, web banners, and radio and TV ads. We manage the campaign from inception to delivery our clients proof every piece of creative on-line and using tracking system allows our clients to measure the effectiveness of their ads online.


The key to good branding is really getting under the skin of the business or company, to understand its unique personality and design a solution that clearly projects this to the target audience. Sounds like a tall order but it's an area where we naturally excel. We take the time to really get to know you or your product, so that we can distil all your idiosyncrasies into a single design solution. We want you to look at the result and say, yes, that's us.


We have an expert team on hand to make sure we're keeping up to speed in the expanding area of advertising on search engines and social media. We make sure our clients are using it to the best effect. From web site development, html email campaigns, traditional web advertising to search engines and social media, we've got it covered. And with our superb tracking system, we can see in real time how every piece of digital marketing is being received, giving you a true picture of how your campaign is performing.


Flyers, ads, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, coupons, mailers, but there's more to print than paper and ink and we know it, inside out. It's an area that's seen many changes in recent years, with the development of digital printing, recycled papers and new wonderful finishing techniques. We work closely with a trusted selection of printers to deliver beautiful pieces, at the lowest print rates consistently.

Media buy

We have been buying media for over 20 years and we are in relentless in the pursuit of providing our clients with the lowest possible media cost. In addition we know how to further stretch media dollars by obtaining bonus ads, and media pilot budgets from media companies that are usually not accessible or not mentioned to the end customer.

We work in our own way and we charge only what is fair reimbursement for our service. Our client's interest is truly in our heart, and we know that their business will grow and have higher ROIs when we provide them rates that will allow more exposure for the lowest investment possible.

We track and measure each media performance, which is helping us to optimize campaigns.

Give us a call and you will be amazed with how much you'll be saving.

Working toward one goal

Our team is a flexible and energetic group of talented individuals, each of whom has an invaluable role within the company. Without the constraints of working in big unwieldy teams, we tailor each project team to suit each client, matching personalities and skill sets, making the experience a stimulating one for everyone involved.

As well as our core team, the XXL family also includes our lovely freelancers - copywriters, photographers, illustrators and film makers.

"We employed XXL in 1997 when we competed with few hundred small computer dealers and big computer companies for our market share in GTA. Now in 2001 we're the biggest Canadian computer manufacturer competing with DELL, IBM and HP in computer industry with sales network throughout the country. In large portion XXL has been responsible for our tremendous growth."

Goran Varaklic � MDG Computers

"Very exciting, it looks so good, you've worked really hard for us, thank you."

Jimmy Davlouros � Vision Quest Electronics

"The communications are looking absolutely brilliant so thank you for all of your efforts and especially at such short notice. It is very much appreciated."

Eugene Farber � Ontario Energy Group

"The Excel web site has been extremely well received here, so please pass on our thanks to everyone involved at your end in this project. I wasn't sure we'd ever get it up and running on a short notice... But now we have... everyone here is very happy."

Craig J. Hamilton � Excel Landscaping

"They are a professional and creative bunch who genuinely understand and are passionate about their work. The team is well motivated and fun to work with. They'll deliver product on time. We actively promote them to other companies because of their reliability. I work with XXL because I know I'll get what I want and more."

Zeljko Cholakovic � Core Metal

Use our web form above to send us a message, email us at or if you prefer to talk please call us at 647-559-1559, either way we'll be glad to speak with you.